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Hello, I'm SixAiy, I'm 25-year old Transgender Streamer I have been a twitch streamer and content creator for the past Two years, I have experience in Web Design Logo Design The Logo for SixServe and My Logo was made by me, I have also go experience in Web Development, I'm also the current CEO of SixServe.com a free web hosting company providing hosting to those who need it, I'm sponsored by a few companies including MonsterCat, Yes MonsterCat, well they don't sponsor me but I'm allowed to use their music for my Content whether it be Twitch or YouTube.

The admission that keeps me going?: Well back in 2007 around when twitch was just starting up and live streaming was becoming popular I began to stream, after a few months of streaming I dedicated to taking a break and move towards providing web hosting for those who needed it, but sadly the market was too saturated moving forward into 2018, I became the CEO of SixServe.com and was put in charge to put sixserve live, there's much more and I could keep on going all day but we don't want a Terms of Service style about me if you would like to know more about me join my discord or contact me via my email at contact@sixaiy.com, I thank you for reading this!

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