Effective Date: March 12, 2019

Terms Of Services

This Master Service Agreement shall constitute a binding contractual agreement between Stafford’s Enterprises, LLC Doing business as BladeNode Web Hosting Services, and the subscriber of services (“Client”). The Master Service Agreement shall include the Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Client agrees to be bound to all agreements found herein.

Privacy policy

SAN is a private project managed by and volunteers in our spare time.
We are not in the business of selling your data. Nevertheless, we need to receive and process data in order to provide our service.

Most of the data that we receive are shared by Discord under their API terms of service.
We do not share your data with others. The only data that we retain are your FredBoat preferences,
as well as identification numbers referring to Discord entities like servers and users.

Right to erasure

If you wish to have our very limited data about you wiped from our database, please get in touch.